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As a VIP member you will receive advance information and the opportunity to submit a purchase offer on a residential unit before the apartments are made available for sale to the general public.

You will receive email offers from us 5-11 times a year with information about residential units that are available for VIP sale. During the 10-day VIP period, you get access to facts, floor plans and prices.
Since enrollment time provides seniority, it pays to register early.
It does not matter when you complete the purchase application during the response period since the apartments are distributed on the basis of your VIP member registration date.

If there are several relevant homes that you are interested in, these can also be selected - in order of priority, and the chance of securing your dream home increases. You will only be bound to one purchase at a time.

An annual fee of NOK 100 gives you access to JMs new residential units.
You keep your registration date when you purchase a home if you decide to continue as a VIP member. You can cancel your membership at any time.